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So... Ordis, People Font Like Him?

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Cuz he doesn't stop talking?



I love Ordis he is far more entertaining to listen to than lotus or the gravel being blended grineer radio channel BUT it gets real old  hearing "uhh that eggs hatching blah blah air systems" after literally every mission i do.

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i @(*()$ hate both lotus and ordis after    doing the mirage quest


those 2 fucktards would talk their bullS#&$ every single time i finish a missions


and guess what ?  i was farming  nightmare capture that takes 2 minutes to do so i heard their $&*&*#(%& phrases couple hundred times each until i finished the quest 

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I personally vastly prefer ordis to lotus


Don't you ever dare to say that!


The frequency and variety of his lines need to be tweaked a bit, but otherwise I don't really hate him.


Yes, only small tweaks. But otherwise I like him around.

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