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The Kubrow Becomes Smaller!


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I was running a T1 Exterminate while I noticed one thing. My Kubrow was SMALLER then its usual size. I sayd to my friend that my Kubrow suddently became tiny, but he sayd that it was huge as usual. I asked him to make a screenshot and this is the result:


My point of view:




And his point of view:






Just... How is this even possible? Why my Kubrow is smaller than his usual size to me, while all the other players can see it normal?


Please help ç_ç I want my big kubrow ç_ç

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Something to do with the way focus and FOV works in games I'm afraid. That is why there are some pictures with a giant Loki in front or something :/



Check settings and resolution and compare screenshots again when Kubrow is not close to you

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The huge one is the bugged one


and it has nothing to do with Fov or focus



the large one is clearly bugged because it has no collar

maybe the collar is behind his neck .-. you know, the collar doesn't become BIGGER with the Kubrow.

And my Kubrow is son of two tall kubrow Imprints, so I suppose the huge one isn't bugged D:

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You know that when things are further away they get smaller yeah? and when things are closer they get larger?

Your kubrow isn't changing it's size (aside from sunika's who had the size bug after attacking a target) you're just changing your perspective.

Dude that's not perspective. The Kubrow was as tall as Saryn, and the mission later he was tiny. This bug continues to happen to lots of my friends too

Get a closer look, dude:



Nothing halves its size for 1 meter. In the first pic it was right behind me, while in the second he's at my right. The difference is that in the second image my kubrow is A LOT bigger then in the first one.

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yep, kubs constantly change size, at first i thought it was only to accomodate the attack animations to certain enemy sizes. but apparently there's more going on - maybe one of the infamous host/client issues.


This is terrible D: 

I actually paid plats for a tall imprint, but what's the point of having a big kubrow when in the mission its small and tiny?

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