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Xbox One Common Issues: Incorrect Foundry Values & Not Receiving Purchased Items


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Xbox Tenno,


You may have come across the following issue when trying to craft items in the Foundry: according to the UI, you have all the components, but no matter what you do it won’t let you start crafting!


What’s actually happening here is a UI bug, and we have a fix in progress for the Foundry displaying incorrect requirement values.


We apologize for the confusion this has caused. In the meantime, referencing our Wikia for the correct values will help alleviate this issue (http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki).


This issue has been fixed as of Hotfix 14.1 (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/307739-xbox-one-141-hotfix/)!


We’re also continually investigating players not receiving items they’ve purchased (Platinum, Warframes, Boosters, etc). The discussion with Microsoft about this issue is still progressing as we look for a solution.  


Thanks for your patience about these issues; we’ll get them fixed ASAP!

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Fixed Foundry Issue
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same here. i did it with the in game store for 170 and then the next day i tried it without the game a on XB for 370 and still nothing. so for the 170 i found out i had to put a request and take a pic. so when i did the 370 i knew what i had to do and put the pic in the 2nd request for the 370 but then i got the same paste and copy saying i need to show proof of what i bought and to send a pic of it. i was like did anyone read this or just copy and paste just because...... never mind i have deployment coming soon i don't need to worry about this if it gets done it gets done, the navy waits for no one

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Anyone able to buy platinum yet? I want to buy some but I'm scared lol. Don't want to deal with all the proof stuff.


Edit: I bought platinum. I got charged for the platinum. My account has no platinum. *sigh* Oh well.


Edit Edit (LOL): I got my platinum. I sent proof of purchase (screenshots from commerce.microsoft.com) in the original ticket and DE support got back to me within the day and credited my account. Awesome work.

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I don't know why but when I try to build certain things in the foundry it takes my blueprints, materials and credits and I get nothing it's happened to me and a buddy it took my forma bp and both of his forma bp I have had it glitch and take my credits but this is a lot different then credits seeing how hard it is to get forma/bps for forma

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