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Lagged Join To In-Progress Mission Locks Controls


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Step-by-step explanation of my experience:

Queue to join the event Link Health alert.

Matched to an in-progress run.

Loading screen seems to stall, and shows no progress on loading bar.

Audio kicks in as if in mission.

Screen blacks, with random lights/special effects.

Video kicks in, with placeholder text ("Infiltrator" weapon name, etc.) Able to receive squad chat, but all controls locked.

Placeholders replaced, though avatar helmet is misaligned and weapon is distorted. Squad chat now functions, but other controls remain locked.


I spend the rest of the mission in this state, eventually dying and going into a normal spectator view. My Reflex Guard can trigger, but is not animated. Sentinel does not fire, but Guardian properly triggers. I also cannot bring up the escape menu.


EE.log file available on request.

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