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Game No Longer Working When Interacting With Kubrow


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Every time I go to interact with Kubrow the game refuses to work anymore, escape doesn't work, and I'm just stuck there watching my Kubrow rolling around until I Alt+F4. Seriously, I already hate taking dogs out, waiting 3 hours and now everytime I try to customize it/mod it/do anything with it game falls apart.

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Have you tried clicking on the "exit" button in the bottom right when this happens, if there's such a button? It happened to me once while viewing my Kubrow from the incubator, and it worked for me.

Nothing works. Left click doesn't work, escape doesn't work, those left mouse buttons don't work. I can just move mouse around without any result. Call me drama queen, but seriously, I'm one weapon from rank 17, have all the possible things you can have (except ice gun), bought all the accesories you can, I really love this game, but after limitless falling-through-floor in void, random sudden death, Ash getting stuck while using Bladestorm etc. etc. this is simply last drop that made the cup ran over.

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