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The Redemtion Of The Prod (Side Quest) (Ordis Gets Fixed!)


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while orbiting a corpus gas planet ordis says


"I am picking up a distress signal from a corupus ship"

"it looks like he is being chased"

"shall we help them?"

"...or watch him burn *bzzt*"


(quest accept y/n screen)


y =                                                                                                                                                                3.14


small cutscene to fly the liset toward the distress signal. OR! OR! DELPOY THE ARCHWING


once you get to the distress signal (it crashed into a gas tower thing)

You have to fight your way to the crashed corpus space ship thing

When you sucessfully finish the mission another cutscene plays and it is a level 49 prod crewman.

    crewman " thank you tenno, just send me the invoice later. I need to escape"


    -in the liset-

    crewman " My name is Corpusol Maximous de la espada"  "but you can call me Max" "not that you will ever speak"

    tenno -nods-  -kneels at the front of the ship watching the space-

    ordis  "Captain! It's the corpus!" -ships security lasers aim at the prodman-

    tenno - -jumps and raises his hand and ordis stops-

    crewman - "amazing tenno, Is this the technology of the last war?"

    tenno - -noresponse-



pt 2:


 outer terminous 


crewman - I've been framed. I was accused of selling rare corpus tech to the grenieer... I only have the one my father gave me


(shows the tenno a corpus prod great sword)




(if anyone apprieciates my horrible writing skills I'm trying to develop... and improve my grammar :D)

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I don't think your fugitive's problem is going to work in lore because it's established that the Corpus have no qualms selling anything to the Grineer if they pay enough. In fact, that's the whole reason Darvo is helping you out against the Corpus, or as he puts it: "I like a good profit as much as anyone, but I draw the line at selling to the Dogs."

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