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Tenno United Forces


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Our motto "Work together and prosper" is what drove the creation of this alliance - We work together and assist all members of the alliance when they need it most. Our growing strength keeps on growing, with a sum of 20 clans so far, we keep growing, hopefully to be a much larger alliance than it is now. If any Warlords of clans out there wish for their clan to work alongside Tenno United Forces, please message me, ExtraCrispy789, your clan name (please make sure it is spelled correctly, as the invite cannot go through if any typo's are present) and clan progression (member count, clan size e.g shadow, mountain). I look forward to seeing some other clans join us in future.


- ExtraCrispy789, Warlord of the Order of the Red Moon clan

Edited by (XB1)ExtraCrispy789
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