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[X1] Unable To Join Other Players



I am able to log onto the game easily and play rather fine. But when I get invited to a group and accept said invite, it sits on a please wait screen for several minutes before it says it has failed to join. Along with this, I can't do matchmaking in public or else the search will lock up and I am unable to do anything so I have to restart the game.

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As the listing ahs you as a P[C player I'm not sure why you're port forwarding for your xbox. That aside, forwarding would really only help others join YOU, if you can't join others that generally means they are having trouble connecting you to them.


There are a few things to check on your end though, do make sure the PnP settings are enabled on warframe as they do quite a bit of helping with this sort of thing. Also make sure if you have an antivirus, that its not blocking warframe from connecting to others.



Hope that helps!

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