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Looking For Active Players To Join One Of The Best Clans!


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Friendly english speaking clan looking for new members! All ranks are welcomed! we have all reserches finished and always finish them right away! Join us for a good 'ol time! 


some more info : we have 3 Warloards and fully finished clan dojo whit every activity. We are 100 members and have space for 300 and once in a while we orginaze clan events and one of the rewards is Platinum // platinum give away =)


we like to have fun!


we ofcourse have a clan emblem and it looks like this  :::




the reqirements : is just to be active and that u speak beter english then tazan :P nothing else so just pm us


 PM              Layonthem   or    Loccicube     if im offline add layonthem as freind and i will invite u when im on  =)

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