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Cannot Join Egg Alert


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This is a result of the matchmaking issues Xbox One is currently experiencing.


The build for this fix is currently in the cert process. In the meantime, please try the alert Solo and let us know if these issues still persist.


Sorry for the stress! 


I'm unable to complete these missions solo but I'll try to do so/try to start up the mission.

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Ok, this bug is REALLY starting to bug the hell out of me, mostly because they're missions that just can't be soloed by new players, IE ME and my low ranking Volt, very little amount of mods to help make things easier.


Why is it you guys designed the UI so in order to do a public mission you have to FIRST wait for the system to find ZERO open lobbies, before it switches to "Waiting for players", which at that moment you can start the mission? Why isn't there an option to just start the mission? The biggest problem I had with update 14.1 is that lack of open lobby count displayed, which you guys added back in later, so I have no clue if I'm actually trying to do a mission with ZERO open lobbies, OR I'm trying to join a mission with open lobbies and the glitch is just keeping me from joining. 


I realize you guys are trying your best to get the hotfix/patch pushed through the cirt processed as quick as possible, but as it is right now, for Xbox Players, Soloing those missions is not going to happen.

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