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What Do You Think Will Happen For Update 100?


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-ability to ride kubrows with armor (you can place up to 4 prime extractors into 1kubrow armor) into battle


-Archwing 4.5 Now with a microwave (Prime Access will get you a penguin for your Archwing too)


- Stealth 1.0 ...finally.


- Skana Prime buff (yeaaaaa probably not even with u100)


- new Warframe: Pink.  Well.....he can make things / tennos pink...permanent pink....


- u 100: Begin of the End of the open Beta (countdown starts at 10, every 100update it goes down by 1)




I'm bored


,,,yea,,,,i guess i am bored too ^-^

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Grate Prime gets nerfed for the 3rd time while we get introduced to a new resource: Orokin pipes. The nerf to Grate Prime proves breakable and actually is a massively OP buff instead. Orokin pipes only drop from Tower 30 Archwing missions, and you need 50 of them to craft the new Pipe melee weapon. Lore 3.0 confirmed for Update 101.

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