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everytime I submit it denies saying select a picture in a .PNG i know my picture is 128x128 pizels but whats the deal with the .PNG file

It says that your picture needs to be in .PNG format. It's possible (99% sure) that you are uploading image as .JPG format. 

When u save image you should see below name box a choice for formats.

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ok so do i need to download .PNG cause i don't see the option for it

No, you need to save your file as *.png


You know, when you are saving your image? In Paint or whatever do you use? There's this window, where you can name your file, right?

Now look closely, there should be a drop-down list with file extensions. Look reeeeaaaally closely, it is there, 100%.


Pick PNG.


Save the image



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ok thank you for the help im sorry if i was annoying in any way


No problem.


One more thing, it may be the case, that your emblem has no Alpha channel. Check it twice before submitting it, you don't want all of the see-through elements to be white or black instead.

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just dl the trail version of the photoshop cc from adobe.com or w/e


then create a new file, transparent, at 128x128 pixels (make sure youre choosing pixels not inches)


then when you get your emblem how you want it, make sure to save it as .png file at 128x128 pixels.


i usually make the emblem at 256x256 then reduce it before saving it but its up to you


.png files translate transparency, jpg and bmp do not

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and how do i find a image to use or do i have to draw it myself cause i don't think google image search is helping me find clan emblem to use


Well... It is stated in the emblem submissions rules, that your emblem mustn't have any copyrighted content. Su, yes, you need to make your emblem by yourself.


You can use picrures on CC license in your pic, though, that sould make your work a bit easier.


Also - when looking for pictures with transparency in Google, you can choose "transparent" in "colour" section of search tools. But you'll need to save it and use it from there, because transparency won't remain if you use ctrl+c ctrl+v from the Internet.

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