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My Thoughts On Dark Sector Pvp


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After doing some dark sector runs with clan members and talking about a few things i decided to give my feedback on this finally  with some key points as to what should be focused on if this is planning to stay.



Whether your attacking or defending you have a clear goal to win which is better than in most cases just kill the other players, but therein  lies a major issue, if you a defender you have turrets, specters, enemies, and no limit on how many times you can die let alone a penalty of any sort save losing energy from dying and most do not care about their K;D ratio. If you attacking the only benefits are you can join as a squad and you do not need a player on the defending side to go into a conflict


Now as far as abilities and weapons go, a lot of frames and weapons once you unlock even 1 mod for them can pretty much have the side you are on win, such as ash's shuriken and bladestorm or vauban's Bastille, even Loki's invis.. and with weapons Acrid and just about any sniper weapon with serration. Also the Glaxion can really do a number on players.


Now for the specters, Lets stat with that they seem to be unlimited in number and some seem to have instant revive where they are killed, as well as some have seemingly unlimited stamina to use in blocking and parrying.


Now with that said here are some ideas on ways to fix this so its even more balanced.


1: Give defenders lives: ow this of course sounds easy enough but the problem with this idea alone is attackers would just kill defenders to win ignoring the objectives. so with that in mind..

2: If you give lives to defenders make is so attackers have to go for the objectives in order to actually win and lower the solar rail's control, that way its more balanced but unless the core is destroyed or damaged no battle pay is given no damage is done to the rail.

3: Without touching the PVE side or main side of the game, nerf the frames and weapons. Ash's nerf is a joke you can still kill a lot with bladestorm and shuriken.

4: Let attackers be able to use specters and other items

5: Penalize all who abort a dark sector conflict

6: My last idea is simple, make it a pure PVP, no core to destroy nothing to defend, just 4 vs 4 in a large map.


Overall i am not saying Darksectors are bad just they seriously need a over-haul.



Oh i know this should be on a another feedback area but i need to say it before i forget...


Taxes: either make is so defenders hvae some sort of tax or lower\remove the bonus exp in darksectors(the real reason most go to them)

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1. Attackers actually have the advantage because they can start the game without the defenders allowing them to level up more and roflstomp the defenders. I think a time limit would be better and a queue system so attackers couldn't start without defenders.

3. The weapons have been nerfed to hell, please no more weapon nerfing. Yeah, some of the frames powers are just stupid, if it were up to me I would get rid of all powers that aren't mobility based. Also PvP can be balanced separate from PvE.

5. Or the defenders could just get an automatic win if the attackers quit, that is much better than adding a stupid penalizing system.

6. I would like that as a separate game mode but not replace dark sector PvP.


Dark sector PvP was a really good idea and I really wanted it to be good but it was executed so poorly by DE.

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