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Sentinel Mod Ideas Pt. 2


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Mine field:

When a player is on the move the sentinel lays down a couple of mines to hinder any followers.

Lvl increases damage and number of mines.


First Aid:

When a player has suffered health damage the sentinel will dedicate it's power to slowly regenerate the players health.

Lvl increases the regeneration-ratio.

*The sentinel will not be able to do any other tasks while First Aid is active.



The sentinel will use a passive "radar" reacting to movement (alien - motion detector).

Lvl increases range.



After a short time being stationary the sentinel deploys a coating covering the player and increasing overall armor.

Lvl increases armor %.



Sacrificing 50% of it's own health and shields the sentinel revives another players sentinel.

Lvl increases the revived sentinels HP.


Grounding Missile:

The sentinel targets an enemy air unit with a missile that dissables the flying capabilities of the enemy as well as dealing damage.

Lvl: increases damage.



When a player reaches critical health the sentinel will teleport the player away to a random location.

No levels.


Rescue Operation:

When an ally reaches below 20% health the sentinel will teleport to that player and offer support. If the player dies, or if it recieves critical damage it will return to the player (alive).

Lvl: Increases the time the sentinel can stay away.



The link between the player and the sentinel is made. Life and shield are shared, and one will not go down without the other - however the unified health and shield are not as strong.

Lvl: Decreases the HP/Shield penalty (it will how ever never be 0%)



Vastly increases the value of credits picked up during missions.




The sentinel immitates the local wildlife reducing their your "threat level".

Some animals may briefly even fight by your side.

Lvl: increases threat level reduction/convertion rate.


Enemy Intel:

Knowledge is power. Completion of enemies in the codex lets the sentinel target weakspots increasing damage and crit chance against that enemy.


Blablabla - The sentinel displays a weakpoint on enemies that are in the codex - firing at weakpoint increases damage (mini sonar).

Lvl: Increases damage and possibly range.


That's it for now. 3.37 am.



Part 1.

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EMP-Missile: The sentinel fires a small aoe missle that slows down any mechanical enemies and does a little electric/magnetic damage.

Lvl - Increases slow/damage.


Dampening Field: The sentinel will project a small circular "dome shield" infrot of player that will reduce incomming damage.

No levels.


Targetting Systems: increases the base critical hit chance.

10 lvls, 1% / level.


Chock: The sentinel fires a disrupting projectile on a target lowering their defenses and prompting them for a 50% proc-chance.

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