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Gun-Axe Concept, Sek/ Dual Sek.


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Weapon name: Sek or Dual Sek


Type: Gun-Axe, one-handed, single or dual


Stances: -Roaring Dragon (Dual), which is characterized by aggressive, sweeping chops, plenty of forward and upward momentum, and rapid discharges from the gun segment in multiple directions.


              -Howling Predator (Single), consists of multi-directional maneuverability, single-target knockdowns punctuated by executions from the gun, forward-facing discharges from the gun, and the efficient, methodical eviscerating/ decapitating/ disarming (literally) of your enemies.


Stats: -Melee: Mainly slashing and puncture, small amount of blunt. (Puncture is mainly from the fact that it quite literally shreds enemy armour, not because it's pointy.)


          -Ranged: Equal amounts slashing, puncture, and blunt, plus one other depending on the enemy last attacked (Because, you know, it's harvesting them essentially). If Grineer, viral (cloned flesh is pretty disgusting). If Corpus, magnetic (those bits of technology). If Infested then gas (All of that rotting, mutated flesh has got to leave some pretty nasty gasses). If Machinery (Grineer, Corpus, Orokin, whatever) then it does additional blast damage.


Description: The Sek is a Grineer developed Gun-Axe. The blade is actually less like a blade, and more like a small chainsaw. The gun segment, which is build into the long handle, is a shotgun, similiar to the Sobek, but with a much shorter barrel. At first glance it does not appear to have a magazine, making one assume that it is a single-shot, breach-firing weapon. In actuality the "blade" gathers small fragments of enemy armour and feeds them into the "magazine" of the weapon, a small, bulging compartment just above the handle, which is then used as ammunition. To propel the improvised ammunition the weapon will first take from the suit-energy of the wielder, then the shields, and eventually the life support if all else fails, making it a dangerous weapon to use, both for the enemy, and the wielder. No picture because art is not my strong-point, and I don't have a tablet or scanner.

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