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T4 Survival Buggy!


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Hello devs!


Since the beginning of Warframe, there has been one issue that has never been fixed that consistently turns me off to playing more! (I come on and off the game depending on what's new) The disconnection of games after having a 20mins+ session. Just about 10 minutes ago I was disconnected from the game with me and my friends while doing a T4 survival. I don't mind us disconnecting if we got all the rewards we collected but no we don't get anything but levels without bonus, which at this point in the game, having a mastery rank of 17, it's not really necessary to me. Why do you just not do it like defence missions in which for every 5 minutes played in the session the rewards are saved? That would fix everything! It's not like anyone can cheat and just go into a game session and wait it out, they still need to kill the enemies and collect all the mods scattered everywhere.


Another thing, T4 survivals seem to be currently on and off with the amount of enemies spawned. Some missions they are coming like crazy. In others, they are so quiet that I have to extract after 20mins. And to top it all off, even when you did extract sometimes it will say 'Mission Failed' and take you back to your ship with no reward and a missing key! Last I heard, you could keep your key if you failed the mission...


Please fix this as soon as possible!


Kind regards,

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