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Mobile Defense Bug On Kiste After Host Migration


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So there I was on Kiste slapping around some Grineer with me as Hydroid, an Ash and the Host Frost Prime.


3 terminals in total. You know, the two outside terminals with the one on the interior. That one.


First Terminal done, no problems. Start the second terminal. Then host Frost Prime leaves the game causing Host Migration over to the Ash. After that leaves the Ash and I, to handle the rest of the terminals, fine. So after the second terminal we take the datamass over to the third terminal when we are met with this.




The door's locked. On both sides of the terminal. No, the area wasn't locked down (though I do believe red door means "nope not gonna ever open").


We had to leave. Ash left first leaving me as the host and alone. The door was still like "No sir, not unlocking this door."

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