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Semshol's Mega-Mart, Selling Mods And Prime Components

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Post your orders on the forums or pm me in the game. 

New package deals and new mods, will be farming nightmare very soon!

Current Package Deals:

- Pistol Pestilence Package (2 left): Buy items worth 20p in total and receive Pistol Pestilence for FREE

Fired Up Package (LAST ONE): Buy items worth 30p in total and receive Fired Up for FREE


Limited Special Trades:

I will trade a Bo Prime BP for a Orthos Prime BP


Warframe Mods:

- Master Thief (10p)
- Natural Talent (10p)
- Retribution (5p)
- Streamline (5p)
- Flow (5p)
- Undying Will (5p)
- Vigor (5p)

- Intensify (10p)
- Fortitude (5p)

- Shock Absorbers (10p)

- Constitution (10p)

- Continuity (10p)


Primary Weapon Mods:

- Accelerated Blast (5p)

- Arrow Mutation (10p)
- Pistol Ammo Mutation (5p)
- Rifle Ammo Mutation (5p)
- Shotgun Ammo Mutation (5p)
- Sniper Ammo Mutation (5p)

- Ravage (5p)
- Vital Sense (5p)
- Wildfire (10p)
- Blaze (10p)
- Metal Auger (5p)
- Vile Precision (5p)
- Burdened Magazine (5p)
- Toxic Barrage (10p)
- Malignant Force (10p)

- Hammer Shot (10p)

- Hell's Chamber

Secondary Weapon Mods:

- Hollow Point (5p)
- Lethal Torrent (10p)

- Barrel Diffusion (10p)
- Steady Hands (5p)
- Stunning Speed  (5p)
- Tainted Clip (5p)
- Pistol Pestilence (10p)
- Ice Storm (10p)

Melee Weapon Mods:

- Berserker (15p)
- Focus Energy (5p)
- Rending Strike (5p)
- Heavy Trauma/Sundering Strike (5p)
- Virulent Scourge (10p)
- Whirlwind (15p)
- Power Throw (5p)
- Quickening (10p)

- Spoiled Strike (10p)

Stance Mods:

- Seismic Palm (10p)

- Brutal Tide (15p)
- Bleeding Willow (20p)

- Shimmering Blight (5p)
- Sinking Talon (10p)
- Swirling Tiger (10p)
- Clashing Forest (5p)

- Crossing Snakes (15p)
- Coiling Viper (10p)
- Iron Phoenix (5p)
- Fracturing Wind (4p)
- Burning Wasp (4p)
- Gemini Cross (5p)
- Malicious Raptor (45p)
- Cleaving Whirlwind [Maxed] (25p)

- Tranquil Cleave (50p)

- Crimson Dervish (100p)

Sentinel Mods:

- Coolant Leak (5p)
- Fired Up (10p)


Kubrow Mods:


- Any other Kubrow Mod - pm and ask (5p each) [Maul and Bite are out of stock]


Aura Mods:

- Rejuvenation (5p)

- Shield Disruption (5p)
- Sniper Scavenger (5p)
- Pistol Scavenger (5p)
- Enemy Radar (5p)

Prime Sets:

- AkBronco Prime Set (20p) [includes everything]
- Reaper Prime Set (20p) [includes everything]

Prime Components:

- Akbronco Prime BP (5p)
- Ankyros Prime BP (5p)
- Bo Prime BP (10p)
- Bo Prime Ornament (5p each)
- Boar Prime BP (5p)
- Boar Prime Receiver
- Bronco Prime BP (5p)
- Frost Prime Chassis (5p)
- Lex Prime Receiver (10p)
- Lex Prime Barrel (10p)
- Orthos Prime Blade (5p)
- Orthos Prime Handle (5p)
- Paris Prime BP (5p)
- Paris Prime Lower Limb (5p)
- Paris Prime String (5p)
- Rhino Prime Systems (5p)
- Sicarus Prime Barrel (5p)
- Loki Prime BP (15p)
- Mag Prime BP (5p)

- Mag Prime Chassis (5p)

- Wyrm Prime BP (15p)

- Wyrm Prime Systems (25p)

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