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I have a Mastery rank 10 account on PS4, and yes some of these are difficult for our new XB1 starter frames but I would not say they are impossible.  

I was able to solo the Survival (Bite).  I had no issue with 3 total players on the Link mod on Mobile Defense,  but could not get the Kubrow egg with my Level 30 mag, level 29 boltor and reasonable set of mods and 2 other mastery rank 0 or mastery rank 1 randoms.  I feel if my normal set of friends that are new to warframe were playing this instead of Destiny, we could have nailed the kubrow egg with the 4 of us as we've played online together for years.

I think they should be a challenge, but understandably they are a bigger challenge for a complete squad of random new players that don't communicate, don't understand how to use their powers and/or simply aren't spec'd up for it.

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