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Gustrag Bolt Bug


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I encountered the gustrag three during a survival mission and managed to kill them but failed due to running out of time. After starting a new game I noticed I was suffering the negative effects of the gustrag bolt but it was not visible on my tenno. I also tried restarting the game multiple times and have received no mail from lotus to remove the bolt. It has made the game unplayable at this point because my damage is dramtically reduced against all forms of enemies with no way to remove this bolt. I also notice the strange symbol that appears by your Shield and health notifying me that I am crippled is present but restarting the game has also not made the bolt visible on my tenno. Please help I'm so glad this happened a day before I was planning on buying the prime package I want to invest more time in this game but this is a serious bug that has made the game unplayable at this point

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A quick glance shows me that you don't have the Grustrag Bolt on your Warframe.


What you're experiencing is the effect of the Extinguished Dragon Key being equipped in your Gear (like a consumable). 


Be sure to remove the key from your gear when playing normal missions, as the key will apply the debuff as long as you have it equipped.


Hope this helps!

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