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Looking To Trade For Rhino Prime Parts


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These are the following Rhino Prime items I am looking for:

- Rhino Prime Blueprint

- Rhino Prime Chassis


I have the Rhino Prime Helmet and Rhino Prime Systems.


Please message me on here or send me a message on Xbox Live at GRADIO231 if you would like to work something out.


Couple of items I have for trades and also have Platinum:

- Ash Chassis

- Ash Helmet

- Ember Helmet

- Frost Prime Chassis

- Mag Chassis

- Mag Helmet

- Mag Prime Blueprint

- Nova Chassis

- Nyx Helmet

- Oberon Helmet

- Rhino Chassis

- Rhino Helmet

- Saryn Chassis

- Trinity Chassis

- Trinity Systems

- Valkyr Helmet

- Valkyr Systems

- Markhor Oberon Helmet

- Locust Ash Helmet

- Hemlock Saryn Helmet

- Cierzo Zephyr Helmet

- Platinum

- I have more than listed here


Thank you, looking forward to doing some business.

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