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After Mission Completes, Goes To Login Screen.



This has happened to me so many times. basically after a mission is successfully completed and after the loading screen which should lead to you getting back to your ship but instead you go to the login screen. After you relog you find that all rewards/exp/credit/everything that u got from that mission disappears as if that mission never happened. During the mission there is no connection issue. Towards the end of the mission there is the scene where the ship picks u up and u even see what u got from the mission. Normally this is just a hassle, but at the end of a 40min+ T4 survival especially when a loki helm is a reward this bug is simply frustrating. I know others are having this issue as well. Anyone know of a fix or a warning sign that happens during mission that can preemptively tell you this will happen at the end so u can just quit?

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I verified the cache if thats what u mean. Alot of people seems to think its to do with a loss of connection to the server, but it only happens with this game and this loss of connection seems to happen just when mission completes everytime. This game..... guess its another one of those "welcome to beta"...

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