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If anyone's interested:

Phobia, as a language, borrows many elements from several ancient Earth dialects. Most notably, it has a strong reliance on Spanish (Tro=Tío, which means Uncle) in both words and formation.

Fra'ki is a complicated word to define; at best, it means "one who is misunderstood". At worst, it is "lost one who hates".

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Insulting his niece is a sure way to earn his wrath, so yeah...

Maybe it's time for the Warbeast... to LET 'ER RIP!

You do that (and try not to wreck the garden), while on the other side (library and bar), Zephyr and Hound is going to have a rather long, awkward talk (after Zephyr researches who the heck are the 'Scarlets').

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