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Clan Marketplace


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I'd like a room where Clan Members can deposit items they don't need or simply just want to sell.


They should be able to ask for credits, platinum or perhaps even other items.


The only way to buy these would be to be in the Dojo and browse the room, e.g. a marketplace / shop type affair. The clan would take a small cut of the proceeds, or a custom cut set by the Walord(s).


Items should display who the seller is, and ideally displayed in true store format. Display cases, having to browse, etc.


This can be done as a shop, marketplace, Armory, or whatever works in theme.

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This is a very interesting concept. I think something like an Auction House is needed for the whole game. But having something like a clan only shop where say, resources can be bought and traded is an interesting idea.


I second the Auction House idea. I searched that exactly and came up with this thread. Is there another Concept Thread on adding an Auction House into the game?

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