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Remove Trading Restrictions (No Hate In Comments Plss)


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the trading restrictions are there for a reason - if all restrictions were lifted we would see a increase in possibly botting (Witch no one wants)


you progress and you earn more trades per day via MR. a free to play game should never be in the mindset to just lift all restrictions because you and  your friend cant deal with it


also your posting this in the completely wrong area

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OK. so me and my friend wanted to trade some materials and BPS but the game doesnt allow us to. So we got upset and he asked me to complain on the forums cause he is a noob and doesnt know how the forums work and stuff. So i am asking DE plss i beg let us trade wat we want i beg u.


Currently the game allows us to trade mods (ranked or unranked), prime parts, keys and arcane helmets.


Common weapons, clan weapons, events weapons and boss weapons aren't allowed to be in trade because I believe DE wants people to play the game and earn those things from the bosses, events, etc.


I'm happy with what the game allows and doesn't allow for trading, it's quite generous already.

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still waiting on being able to trade taters [blue/gold], and forma


and resources/mats

thats never going to happen since potatoes are one of the main sell points to the game, besides cosmetics and weapon/frame slots.

which the only thing that is some what mandatory to have is the slots if you want to keep all your weapon/frames.

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The trading system does need to be updated a little, and for everyone saying "everything can be farmed", tho this is true, and yet you can trade extremely common mods, but you can't trade common resources.


Even if DE made it so you can trade rare resources, resources that have a very low drop rate, or resources you can only find in the void. Blueprints, yes you can buy blueprints from the market place, BUT not 100% all of the blueprints can be found in the market place, Clan research, and warframe parts can't be found in the market place, Specter blueprints aren't in the market place. Imagine if someone had a blue print you wanted for Vauban, and you have some argon that they wanted/needed, (I'm ignoring the alerts for vauban, because it doesn't really matter after today), with the trading system not allowing the trade of those two items, you'll have to sit on your vauban until that part shows up as an alert, and that person has to go grind for that argon.  Which for newer players that's a lot of work and waiting, and there's always that chance that the vauban part alert happens when you're unable to do it, IE in the middle of a DDOS attack, power outage, business trip, flight, move, military related activity, work, or some other activity that has you away from your computer/console. If you could trade those things, more players would have vauban, and having blueprints dropped from alerts wouldn't be so bad.

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