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1 Year Later... The Day Of My Birthday


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After almost 1 year later, 1100 hours of fun and 14 mastery ranks, I regret nothing. 10/10 would play again. Well, maybe I regret not buying the founders fack when it was available...


Today is my 25th birthday, and I feel like sharing this with the best gaming community I ever met, and the best devs that ever existed. try to get any guy at EA wear pink shorts in a live event. Yeah. For that you will never be forgotten [DE]steve.


I have been playing warframe since the 25th of september, 2013, and my experience was simply astonishing. I still remember when i saw that U10 announcment on steam... I was getting bored of borderlands 2, and i was looking for some free to play game to satisfy my gaming needs beween two game releases. It looked like a perfect fit. Here I am, still playing my "time filler" game. Don't worry devs. took 13 hours for my girlfriend to get me off my computer the first time I played the game.


I just wanted to re-introduce myself to the great Tenno community and say hello to the devs. You can contact me if you want to fight alongside me, or even just to fool around in Dojos. See you on the field tenno !

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