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I don't have him maxed but I'm currently rolling with all of his abilites, redirection and focus.

You want to build him a little bit tanky (vitalty, redirection) because after all he still plays a tank.

I took focus because he almost feels like a battlemage to me, you shoot and then you throw some freezes or ice waves in there, so the extra damage boost is very useful (especially if you're in a bad situation, his crowd control is awesome)!


But, again, this is all just MY opinion.

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Well Frost abilities are mainly crowd control with some damage added in, and the only ability that scales well into End Game is Snow Globe.  Most people describe him as a Battlemage of sorts, so I would capitalize on those strengths with (Vitality and Redirection).  Consider getting Continuity to increase the duration of Snow Globe.  Streamline and Flow are also good to consider, if you like spamming his abilities.

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