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Maining Mayng


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so i have all frames.  i realized that less than a fourth are fully ranked. ive played 1400 hrs and ive pretty much mained nova from the getgo. controllable projectiles and wormholes utility just keep me addicted.



i have 140+ m earned xp on her.


what item have you been so loyal to that its earned xp is over a hundred mill





Please post ITEM and XP (for items with over 100 million earned xp)


not kills


not loadouts


oh and dont forget to post how much XP!

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i knew the momment i put money into this game id be addicted to it for life


in all honestly it goes



2.Nekros close 2nd

3. Oberon

4.nova was my most played but lost interest pretty quick

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Latron Prime with ~17m xp earned, 60k kills, 10k of which were headshots. Also 70% lifetime accuracy.


And the Detron. Also with about 17m xp earned. Its my most used weapon by a huge margin.


Best melee is Dakra Prime with ~9m xp though this was before melee 2.0 where it was either that, Galatiine or Zorens.


And my highest scoring anything ever is Carrier with ~40m xp.

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I like to switch things up, so even though I say I main Banshee I only have about 30% playtime on her.

I'd say the exp count, but it is a little skewed since I have 2 maxed out Banshees.

Most used weapon is Latron Prime, though id really like to make it the spectra for the lulz

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