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Warframe Play Cards And A ? About Faction Symbols


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Hey Tenno, want to play cards?


For the sake of a video I'm making soon, I've been creating Warframe playing cards.  They've turned out far better than I thought considering that I am not formally trained in art or design.  Thought some of you might appreciate these.


The four suits I planned were: Grineer, Corpus, Lotus, Infested

So far only Grineer and Lotus are completed.


Some number cards



A few face cards




The text for the numbers is corpus.  I just like the corpus font.

2 = T for Two

3 = H for Three

4 = F for Four

5 = I for Five

6 = S for Six

7 = E for Seven

8 = G for Eight

9 = N for Nine

10 = D because T, E, and N are all taken and ten is diez in spanish, and dix in french

Jack = J for Jack

Queen = U for Queen

King = K for King

Ace = A for Ace


Also, does anyone have a decent image of the Corpus and Infested logos? I have the large and very busy Corpus logo, that one really is a bit too complicated to compress that much, even the lotus symbol was pushing it a bit.


An example of the logos/symbols I'm looking for: yXIqx0V.jpg


Would love a decent image of these symbols as they scale better than the busy ones I have.


Well, that's all. Stay ninja.

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Thanks for the <3!


maybe tweak the letters a bit

i have no idea which card is for the jack queen or kind since i cant read the font.

Also a U for queen O_o ? it has always been the Q


As far as I know, there is no Q in Corpus, at least the font I was using would put a blank in if I typed Q, so I just used the next letter.


I would definitely change the letters to English if I were to make the cards, at the moment they're meant as tiny props in a video so I wasn't thinking in practical terms.

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