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The Fog On Sechura Or The Amount Of Bloom


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Hey DE, please do something about this! Reduce the amount of Bloom or give us some kind of a Bloom Slider in the options because sometimes let's face it... it's too much.


I don't want to turn Bloom off if that's what some of you would like to suggest :3


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Oh wow, that's uh.. that's a very shiny image.. I wouldn't have been able to tell that you were aiming at an ancient if it didn't show the health-bar.

A slider would be beneficial to that kind of a situation.. but I'd rather say that this is more of a problem that DE should look at, because if their bloom effects are meant to be viewed in one specific way, then I don't know how this is supposed to be a good thing.

In this case, bloom is a obvious handicap compared to having it turned off.

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