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Iron Skin Bug With Video.


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I managed to iron skin exactly at 0 hp, so i was Iron skinned while bleeding out, and managed to seemingly become invulnerable. I was able to record it, and threw a quick video up here:


Was using Normal Rhino, not Prime, Max Iron Skin, and no mods that effect abilities equipped.


I think this is already a known bug, but video of what exactly happens might help them fix it? 

Also, if this is the wrong forum, could a Mod please move it? I don't use forums much. Sorry!

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This happens to me frequently in high dps situations. I can often replicate it simply by mashing 2 when under an ungodly amount of incoming fire.


Natural Talent helps lots, as the improved cast speed allows it to get off faster before going down. I've also noticed sometimes, when in such situations, damage completely bypasses shields if your iron skin goes down too quickly and goes straight to HP.

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