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Game Is Still Running In The Background But All I See Is My Desktop.


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Not actually a crash to desktop, but I can no longer play the game. Once I log in, maybe after a minute or so the screen goes black and then it shows me my desktop.

I can hear the game is still running in the background, I move around the ship but can't see the game.

Any idea how to solve this? what could be the reason?


Edit: After some testing, it only happens if I'm in the liset/ship. If I rush and get into a mission I can play with no problems, but changing gear and modding warframes is almost impossible.

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Use alt and tab to navigate through the open programs, if Warframe is not there you will just need to end the process in task manager.


Game is there, but selecting it doesn't do anything, that being said, only way I can navigate the desktop is by "minimazing"

 the game.


just had to CTRL ALT DEL and close it. I restarted it, then it was fine after that


Thing is that this keeps happening over and over.

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