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Idea: Kubrow Racing


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Hey guys, not sure if this was mentioned anywhere but just in case they didn't. 

So I was talking with a family member about kubrows. We were trying to figure out what else DE can do with them. Yes armor pieces, maybe even different collars. Clearly those have been mentioned in the forums already. 

Now we thought about it between missions, then it hit me..... Kubrow racing :D!! Well obviously kubrow fighting would kinda be out of the question(PETA I know you're looking for that). So I figured it would be along the lines of greyhound racing. Take place in the dojo as a friendly meet-up for clan mates. 

Not sure about all of the details but please share any ideas or at least point me to the post that mention it so I can go +1 them.

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So do we play as kubrows, or ride them like crash bandicoot on polar bear?

Or de we make some credit game like real life horse racing bets? -> kubrows need new racing stats and racing mods.

Let the  racing kubrow breeding /training begin?

Well Yea I was thinking more along the line of horse racing or greyhound racing.

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