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Wts Random Arcane Helmets!

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I just recently came back to Warframe and one of the things I noticed was that all my helmets are now "Arcane" After a little research I realized I could trade some of these for other things! I don't really have any attachment to any of these helmets so Offer whatever you think is fair and i'll consult to Other Posts and Chat to see if it is a reasonable offer. I don't need mods so please offer anything other than Mods. 


Feel free to add me ingame if you would like to further discuss anything. IGN:Prescott80



I have ~Arcane Aura(Trinity)-Power Duration+25%,Health Max -5%

           ~Arcane Essence(Loki)-Power Efficiency +15%,Armor -5%

           ~Arcane Hemlock(Saryn)-Movement Speed +10%,Health Max -5%

           ~Arcane Phoenix(Ember)-Energy Max +25%,Shield Max -5%

           ~Arcane Reverb(Banshee)-Energy Max +10%,Health Max -5% 

           ~Arcane Thrak(Rhino)-Health Max +25,Sprint Speed -5%

           ~Arcane Flux(Nova)-Stamina Max +10%,Max Health -5%

           ~Arcane Chlora(Saryn)-Stamina Max +10%,Power Duration -5%

           ~Arcane Backdraft(Ember)-Health Max +15%,Movement Speed -3%

           ~Arcane Gambit(Vauban)-Stamina Max +10%,Power Duration -10%

           ~Arcane Pendragon(Excalibur)-Power Strength +15%,Armor -5%

           ~Arcane Chorus(Banshee)-Power Efficiency +10%,Stamina Max -5%

           ~Arcane Gauss(Mag)-Energy Max +25%,Movement Speed -3%

           ~Arcane Pulse(Volt)-Power Duration +10%,Shield Max -5%

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Do you still have the arcane Vanguard Rhino and Aura Trinity helmets? Me and a friend of mine are interested in buying them.


What's your timezone? If we know around what times you're online one of us can see if we can catch you for a trade.

I am US pacific timezone. I'll be on tomorrow at around noon and i'll probably be on for several hours. feel free to send me a friend request and we can discuss!

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