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Ordis: Let's Make Him Unique.


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I see a lot of threads regarding Ordis and his chatty demeanour, mostly negative.  A way of increasing his popularity in the Warframe universe I think would be to release custom voice packs for him so you can customize his voice to your liking. Killzone did this and had several voice packs available for purchase.

Just think of the possibilities.

Grineer: You get greeted with "Welcome back tenno scum", "Get clem" etc
Corpus: Alad V in all his greatness.
Infected: Phorid
G3: With all their insane banter
Red Veil: Specters of liberty voices
Regional voice packs: Japanese, german, irish, russian, spanish, polish etc etc
[DE]Megan: In all her cuteness

and those are only a few...



DE have also confirmed that they will release a volume slider for Ordis in a upcoming patch.


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I'd rather they fleshed out Ordis more. It doesn't really make sense having a bunch of different options.


Plus, he's likely to say more in the future. Which will make him less repetitive. 

Drop the egg into the incubator to begin the hatching process. -~- drop it on the floor


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While this is an interesting suggestion, I don't think it would be implemented because it's too "silly" for Warframe. It reminds me of the different Dota 2 announcers where each one is an individual personality voicing over the game in their traditional banter. However, Dota 2 can get away with it because, while it has it's own lore and whatnot, it doesn't take itself very seriously to begin with (crazy hats, weapons, etc.). The only time Warframe really lets loose is on holidays. :\



[DE]Megan: In all her cuteness

Do want.

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