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Glaive Powerthrow Explosion Going Off Well After Hitting A Solid Object/hitting An Object Behind The Player When Returning.


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OK, so after reading the comments on a thread I posted yesterday I found that the issue I've been encountering is in fact a glitch. I thought it was just an iffy design decision, but now that I know it's a glitch I decided to make this thread. 


Powerthrow makes the glaive blow up, we all know this. But it's only supposed to go off when it bounces the final time(this can be on the 1st bounce if you have quick return equipped).

The only problem is... It's going off whenever it feels like. Sometimes up to a full second after it's final bounce, or even after it returns to me. 

I'm not really sure if this is being caused by lag or what, but I don't think so since I've had it happen even when playing with an excellent host. 


More details:

Glitch #1: Throws glaive at enemies, glaive bounces 3 times killing a few of them, starts returning to me, explodes 5 feet in front of me for no reason.

Glitch #2: Throws glaive, bounces twice, returns, passes me by about 3 or 4 feet, hits a wall behind me, explodes in my hand. 


I think #2 might be the result of lag, but #1 happens even with a great connection. And before anyone asks; No, I'm not channeling.


A fix would be most appreciated.

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You can trigger an explosion without the Power Throw mod by hitting the channeling button while the glaive is in flight. (This can only be done if you have the glaive equipped, and not as a quick-attack throw)


I'm not channeling with glaive. I never have it equipped since I prefer the faster charge when I'm using a gun instead. 

Edited into OP for clarity. 


Trust me, I know not to channel with glaive. 

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Can you please let me know what mods you have on it, and on what Rank.


Do you have both Power Throw and Quick Return maxed? I'd like to try and duplicate.

Quick return won't help in all instances. The glitch that makes the glaive fly past me will still kill me if the glaive doesn't hit anything before returning. 

I've already tried it and it doesn't work. 

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