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Why Won't You Look At Me Sentinel?


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All of my sentinels, Shade, Dethcube, Djinn, Helios and Carrier stay in a position that I can't rotate them out of. This started since Update 14 but I thought it would be fixed by now so I didn't say anything. Now, I feel as if I might be the only one who has the problem. They are stuck in a direction facing the foundry table and I can't rotate them at all. They fidget if I try to get a good angle to look at. I can't see the Event Badges I put on any of my sentinels because of this. I think it started when I equipped a Kubrow for the first time.



Here is a picture. I would have posted a gif but I don't know how to and it wouldn't look very appealing because of the fidgeting. 




My Helios and other sentinels just face this direction no matter what.

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