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Maybe Change Around How The Grineer And Corpus Work...


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Ok, for the most part, the differences between the Grineer and Corpus is that one has a bigger focus on armor while the Corpus have a bigger focus on damage. Although those are great, I think we need more differences in how the Grineer and Corpus work.


Movement and Organization:

After a little bit of comparison, I have been able to see that both the Corpus Crewman and Grineer Lancers and possibly other units move at about the same speed which is quite odd. Prod Crewman and Butchers also notably move at the exact same speed which is also weird too..a little.


Grineer are of course wearing heavy suits of armor that are decked out to protect them while also having equipment that is suppose to keep them alive and let them be in multiple environments while the Corpus seem to be wearing suits that are suppose to be used for providing shields and able to let them be in multiple environments.


So, I think to be able to change how the Grineer and Corpus work is to slow the Grineer and speed up the Corpus. An argument that could be made is that the Corpus could be wearing heavy suits that although appear small but are actually quite heavy but yes, that is a good point, but I we really don't know if that is possibly true and plus, the Grineer have to wear heavier suits yet are able to move at the same speed. (These changes will not affect Moa's since they move fast enough and Ospreys movement may need to be boosted to catch up to other units.)


Now, the problem with the Grineer is that if we slow them down...we are of course encouraging them to be killed quite easily and also reduce their chance of survival. A counter to that is to increase their armor...slightly for certain units like the Lancers and more. Heavy Gunners and other heavy units can stay the same as their values are high enough to piss the pants of some Frames. The more heavier a unit is, the slower he moves so the Lancers will be moving a bit more faster then the heavier units, enough where the heavier units are trailing behind them a bit.


Lastly, since the Grineer are slowed down, they are of course gonna be less effective while not being in groups. So, their gonna gather together with their Grineer brethren and patrol together to be more effective as a group! This grouping may require the Grineer damage values to be looked at a bit(Napalm, Bombard...dear god....) but for the most part, they should follow this format.


The Corpus will be more spread out, moving side to side, they will be know for trying to move fast and do damage at the same time but be quite light to be taken down easily. Grineer will be known for moving slow and not doing much damage but make up for it by having Heavy Armor and and grouping together to combine strength. These units will follow these rules for the most part.




Hold on my boy, I was just getting to that in this page.




Now, since we have somewhat addressed how the units are moving and what their basis is, now we need to address how they are gonna respond in combat.


Melee Units-


First, melee units, since they are known for being quite worthless, let us address that so we don't ruin them even more. Corpus Prod crewman is one unit that seems to be quite worthless as an enemy. To address this, it will move quicker then most units and be able to pull off quick combos or attacks. These attacks will do less damage but can be able to build up damage really quickly. Although this kinda goes against the rules of going for high damage and high mobility, they will still satay true to that concept with it's high mobility and quick attacks.


Now to the Grineer, which have way more melee units to work with then the Corpus. Butchers will now move slower and have slower attacks but have attacks that can do heavy damage. This may require a rework of pre-existing animations which probably many would agree with that the melee units need different animations for each other.


Flameblades are a rare enemy that might as well just stay hidden like it was last time and contemplate on it's existence. To help encourage the Flameblades to not commit mass suicide, we will give them an ability to have high armour and slow movement and attacks but have much wider more attacks that can cover some distance and have the ability to proc radiation since they are oddly using shock and fire at the same time, making them quite fearful.


Powerfist are another enemy that you see somewhat but not alot and doesn't really set it self apart from other melee units. Now, apply the same concept, add heavy armor, slow attacks, slow movement, but let them have the ability to cause instant impact on contact. To justify this, we will allow them to speed up their attacks a tiny bit so you can feel the pressure when fighting them but that would be it. 


Lastly, Scorpions, which are one of the faster units of the Grineer and one of the sorta annoying ones will move slower and have more armor but have faster attacks that do less damage. This will be probably the only unit that follows the rules of the Grineer to a certain extent. Their goal will mostly be to try to pull them into the group of enemies to let units wail on Frames.


Ranged Units-


Ballista and Sniper Crewmen have been known to be quite worthless units but can pack a punch every now and again depending on the scenario. A suggestion that I remember was to have them be able to perform park core and move around alot. Quite a nice idea but I can't remember who said it so please list your name below. Now, letting them perform parkcore is alot to design and pathing and all that stuff so I will leave this recommendation with a bit of additions and leave one that you can use that won't require major changes.


Ballista and Sniper Crewmen will work as follows:


Sniper Crewmen will be able to perform parkcore and move at quick speeds, dodging and weaving, getting close up to take pot shots and get out while doing heavy damage. Of course they will have to charge up their shots so they will try to move around a bit while charging and then when fully charged, will fire it. 


Ballista will be a unit that is able to perform parkcore but slowly since the armor is slowing them down and they have to set-up to be able to shoot. To compensate for this, they will stay far back in the group and only use parkcore to get away from us when we get too close. Since they are setting up, they will have to do some serious damage and have accurate shots but will be seen by a red dot on you or laser pointer. 


So lore can make since on why you don't have a vulkar that does all that is that it was cut down to be a much more mobile weapon so you can be on the move and the laser pointer was removed to keep stealth. 


Now, to have it where we don't have to do major changes it just have them just be there until effort can be placed into these ideas, we can have it where Sniper Crewman will move at quick speeds, dodge like a runner, and get up close to take a shot at us and then bolt off to charge another shot or continue dodging.


Ballista will take the same idea of being slow but keep at distances and do serious damage.


Regular Units:

Rest of the units will stay the same for the most part unless I consider changes or suggestions or made about what about these units and all that for the Grineer.


Note: Corpus Techs will move a little bit slower then everyone else to compensate for their huge stature.


Alright, so with this, we got quite the diversity in how the Grineer and Corpus work, not fully but at least a decent amount to make somewhat of a change.


Tell me what you think of the ideas presented, suggest your ideas and I will include if they are good, and yeah.


Thank you.








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More like Corpus equipment is made for them to do their job. Not so much fight. That is why their armor is awful anywhere, but the head. Because you need a hard hat when working around equipment that could fall and bash your skull in. In the Corpus case its the epic super helmet that every Safety Adviser wishes it could get for its company...


I guess however that suit could protect them from poison, and electricity though due tot he work environments I imagine them being in. Like maybe a Moa's Generator has acid in it that can burn through flesh if not properly handled(They do personally handle the Moa as seen in the Snow level with the Moa laid out on the table) Electricity is a given if your a crewman, technician, or engineer your coming in contact with electricity all the time. Radiation protect is also something that should be a thing, but not too high I can't imagine them protecting themselves from Gamma radiation as we can only slow it down in real life, but not 100% protect ourselves from it. Plus if they did have 100% protection I imagine they would be wearing an entire Nuclear power plant encasing as armor... (not a bad idea for future crewmen, or robots). Fire, and ice on the other hand I can't really see their suits protecting them from it. Nothing is immortal to heat. Everything burns, and their suits I imagine could easily be frozen solid if you shot them in the face with freezing liquids. Their armor/cloths, or whatever would be frozen solid. Not much hope then.


Also as for Prod Crewmen. I think the Grineer marines should run faster. They have TERRIBLE armor for Grineer marines(butcher, fist, fire blade) Their suits compared to a Prod Crewman are smaller, and lighter then average Grineer. They also carry special weapons making them a sort of special unit as they come in close for melee combat(really though it would be nice if the Grineer Marines had some technique). A prod Crewman is slightly more clunky with that huge helmet, and jump suit which looks like its sagging on them abit. Plus I doubt they are actually trained for REAL combat like the Grineer Marines are.

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