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Best Possible Release For Weds.


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I know there is the whole week of awesome alerts going on, but you know what would truly be the icing on the cake? Adding the Braton Prime buff and shotgun buffs. I doubt it will happen, but that be so great.

I just finished putting the 6th forma on my Braton Prime. I'm waiting for that buff ;-;

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Shotgu. buffs are long overdue. Their mods, spread and falloff cripple then immensely.

I want my Tigris to roar.

8k sustained dps from a Weapon with maxed mods and 6 forma is pathetic.

Throw in the spread and falloff and you might as well throw rocks at your enemies for all the damage you do.

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Needs 4 Forma, 5 at max. Why did you Forma it 6 times i beyond me.



Braton Prime needs a buff, either damage or crit one.

Well I had a polarity, and the build I ended using had to replace a polarity I already had in order to make it fit.

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doubt there will be an overall buff for shotguns next week. braton prime buff though, is likely.

Wait, what did I miss? Where did they say they would finally be buffing it? :o


I've used a decent amount of forma's on that thing in preparation, also due to me loving its design.



All players with the highest exp earned on the following four frames are banned forever with no refunds.


Valkyr, Rhino/Prime, Loki/Prime, and Nova.


Best possible release.

Yeah... No. Not all Loki players are teleport trolls or invisbility for life dudes.

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