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Delta Beacons--Wait, What?


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(Not sure if this is in the right section, because I wasn't sure if this was a bug or an amazing discovery.)



Okay, so...

Awhile back, I cleared out Ceres, and I obviously got beacons from various missions. It wasn't until later that I realized I had 5 Delta Beacons. I figured it was mostly because I have never crafted the Triangulator ever before and never knew about them, thus accidentally hanging on to those lucky beacons.

So, I finally decided to farm for the other beacons on Casta (Ceres), to make the Triangulator... I do one run, kill 2 prosecutors, and get 2 Delta Beacons. Am I honestly that lucky? Well, I still needed the other beacons, so I tried another round... got two more Deltas.

Do the RNGs love me while hate me at the same time? Because I don't want to mention the awful luck I've had with Orokin Cells...

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If you are doing endless mission types (Defense/Survival), then only Delta beacons spawn. (If memory serves) Other missions will give regular beacons.


Delta beacons now drop exclusively from defence/survival missions on ceres. the rest drop on other missions. Lucky you dropped by when they changed that.

Delta beacons used to be rare beyond belief.


Lucky you friend.

Oh S#&$. Didn't know about that change. Thanks for clarifying this.

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