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Thoughts About Op In Warframe And Feedback.


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Hello, all Tenno! This is gonna be me pretty much giving me feedback on what I see is Overpowered, what I see that may be Overpowered in the future, how to fix what I see is Overpowered, but I am sure many people have already gone In-depth into this, I am just gonna be covering this myself, of course, I am sure many people have already done this, but I am sure Warframe wants Feedback.


Overpowered-ness (Nice, Sky.) I believe I heard in the future Warframes aren't meant to have (Improving here) above say... 2-3 thousand health or Shields, because the game is meant to be hard.


But, I heard the 'Vectis' has the ability to hit up to 8 Million Damage. ...I like games like Warframe because of their systems. Apply So-and-so for this, or so-and-so for this type. Although, in my opinion, I feel you shouldn't be able to hit anywhere near that high of a Damage Counter unless  you have very high health.


Of course, I enjoy how Warframe works, in my Opinion Defense Missions...Eh, they're good and all, but I see them as (Can be, but not limited to): Starting from very easy rounds to insane rounds that are very hard to protect the Orokin item. I understand this is the Beta, and I enjoy the Beta a lot, and am fine if this was the Full game, but i'd enjoy if during the waves something special would happen, in my opinion it feels like level 12 at Round 10 to Level 25-30 at Round 15-20. I'd personally enjoy if during a Defense mission, during the time you're doing it, some Infested creature comes in and starts turning all the High Level enemies into lower level enemies, so it'd feel like something different happens other than fighting 20 Waves worth of Orokin, Corrupted Regular enemies, so it'd feel like a new change of pace.


(Wow this turned from Opinions of Overpowered-ness to personal thoughts on missions..Nice.)


I'd enjoy it if when you happen to have a Rank 30 piece of equipment, specifically a Warframe, i'd love, if when you Forma it, you could chose between slight increased stats, for Example: An Un-Forma'd Warframe at Rank 30 has say 200 max health, while the Forma'd Warframe has at max health 225 - 300 as well as more energy, Etc. I am sure Veteran players already are pretty Overpowered, i'd just like it, if you didn't have to use Platinum or farm forever to get increased stats in the future if that ever becomes a thing. 


I can't think of much more, this is more-less a small snippet of my thoughts on Warframe that I talked about on the fly, I really can't think of much more. 

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Forma does not increase the base stats of a weapon/warframe, rather it gives more modding options by halving the cost of mods that match the polarity you have added, at the cost of making your weapon Unranked.

Platinum can be earned through selling some rare mods you have acquired in missions i.e. Corrupted mods like Fleeting Expertise.

I sold mods to get platinum, buying slots to have more warframes and weapons, buying the occasional potato, and it is pretty achievable, really. Anyone who have played a long time should have quite a lot of slots and many mods for various builds to increase stats.

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There is a difference between being powerful and being over-powered. I sort of noticed that people will just spam "OP" when they just mean "very powerful". For some player who has ranked up/formaed gear, collected and powered up mods, doesn't it make sense that they can breeze through levels that new players cannot?  Yes something is powerful (when highly ranked/modded), but is it OVER-powerful?


And example of over-powered:

A new weapon/warframe, unranked, unmodded, can breeze through level 35 missions faster than a moderately ranked and modded player with average weapons.


and to add on: I think Forma is already adding power indirectly in the sense of giving more mod capacity. There is no need to add more "stats" which will just make future balancing even harder.

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