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Rho (Working Tilte Name Word) The Density Frame.


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As the title suggests, i'm not entirely sure what to call him, but "Rho" will work for now as it is the symbol used most often for density. i will be posting concept art soon.


Rho has mastery over density and mass. He can use this mastery to either bolster his and his ally's armor or ammunition, or he can use it to weaken the enemies defenses.


The abilities are in this order for no reason. And i am yet to balance them. These are just ideas, so let me know what i should change.


1. Rho increases the density of his and his ally's ammunition (within range) and decreases the density of his enemies ammunition (again. within range). This causes his allies weapons to have enhanced punchthrough and damage while his enemies to have weaker ammunition that will shatter on impact with tenno shields and armor.


2. Rho Shifts the density of his and his ally's armor, protecting vital areas and shifts the density of his enemy's armor to their feet. making it harder for them to run >:D and leaves the rest of their body mostly unprotected. This makes everyone within range immune to critical hits, and status effects (not sure about status effects) and it slows down enemies and makes all damage dealt to them boosted


3. Rho drasticly increases his own density. At first he struggles with the weight change, but toward the end of the duration he becomes used to it. This increases armor, melee damage (base damage and crit damage and gives a stagger effect), and gives him the ability to rush a target and knock them over (sprinting in this mode is replaced with a more linear jaunt so just press shift or whatever your sprint button is) and due to a gravitational shift bullets will slightly curve in your direction they may or may not hit you, but their course is changed. If this is done in midair you crash to the ground dealing damage and knocking over all foes unfortunate enough to be standing in your shadow


4. Rho increases the density of the air around him 100 fold. This protects you from incoming damage and status effect (you can still be hurt, but it's less likely) use the ability again to create a burst of air that deals damage and knocks over opponents (density shifts from a more dense place to a less dense place. sometimes it can be quite violent).



Rho would be average for the most part in terms of stats. All stats would be on par with excal. But Rho's speed is 1.1 (until the density kicks in, that is)



Thanks for reading!

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