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Some Serious Hydroid Feedback


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He's basically treated right now as a low-end Vauban.


And now that everyone has Vauban, he has no purpose.




It boils down to one simple thing:


Tentacles are underpowered...


WAIT. before the more ignorant minority goes off on a tangent about paper damage calculations etc.


If you've actually used his skill  hentai tentacle rape no jutsu Tentacle Swarm, you'll notice the following:


A) The tentacles have targeting problems and don't quite spawn in the right places


B) They have a horrible hit-box meaning that sometimes enemies just walk right through


C) You cannot cast it while active, forcing you to shorten the duration (and thus reduce the damage) if you want them to remain viable in defensive missions.


The solution is not to: switch to Vauban. Which we all already do.


The simplest fix works like this:


- Allow multiple casts of the Tentacle, since V-ban can multi cast vortex and bastille etc.


This will at least allow him to assist in Defense missions instead of being totally useless for x period of time after poorly choking an area.


You can then work on the hitbox of the tentacles later on, but as he is now. With enemies swarming in four direction: You are dead or just more worthless than a Vauban in that same situation, which kinda sucks.


The tentacles, I believe, were supposed to be Hydroid's main CC, I would like it tweaked to reflect this role accurately.


Please don't talk about Tempest Barrage it has very bad CC, because it just knocks them down, enemies just get up and attack again. They are not disabled at all, which is what a CC should do.

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Hmm, what about for the duration of the ability, it spawns tentacles at a constant rate?

Whenever the tentacle has not grabbed anything for X seconds it despawns and another will appear somewhere else, up to a maximum of X tentacles spawned at one time.

How about that?


That could work :)



each tentacle is like a litle vortex so nope


but work on the efectivness of them could be great


They aren't little vortexes, vortex can suck in enemies, the tentacles do NOT lol. Try them, they seriously don't work right.



I simply believe as you say, work on fixing the targeting and the hitboxes of the tentacles and it should be totally fine. It is a good cc ability that can cover a large area. I don't think it should be recastable 


Depends on what's quicker for DE, if recasting is a quicker band-aid, just give us that. If hit-boxes are faster to fix, give us that instead.


Either way, we won't complain if we get a fix...but we no has fix, so we sad x'D


Excalibur rules compared to the Hydroid .3.

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