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B4 I Can Build Vauban I Must Have A Spare Warframe Slot...

(XBOX)BadBoy Killa38


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Go into your inventory and select warframe tab.

You will see how many slots and all the warframes you have.

You start out with 2 warframe slots at the begginning, one holds your first warframe you choose from the start, the other is your spare

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should there be a empty box there or something

A blank slot that says "Empty" means that you have an open space. Clicking the helmet icon shows your Warframe slots, the gun icon shows your weapon slots, and the cube/square thing to the right of the gun icon shows your sentinel slots. If you don't have any grey boxes that say "Empty", then you'll need to buy more slots before you can collect any new crafted weapons/Warframes (a message will pop up if you try to claim an item and don't have an open slot). If you buy a weapon or Warframe from the Market for platinum (ex: Hydroid for 300p), then it will come with its own slot and doesn't require an empty one.


20 platinum buys one Warframe slot, 12 platinum buys 2 weapon slots, and I believe it's also 20 platinum for two* sentinel slots (*each sentinel requires two slots: one for the sentinel itself and one for the weapon that it comes with).

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i know im probably coming across as dumb but im new to this game and i think xb1 version is different ...is my arsenal the xb1 version of inventory or how do i find my inventory on xb1


no.  Your inventory is EVERYTHING including mods, blueprints, crafting materials, and other stuff.  Arsenal is your combat gear only --- weapons and warframes mostly.  


Inventory is found from a global menu that you can bring up inside your ship.  It is the menu that also has "exit the game" on it.

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If you don't have the slot, don't have the plat and don't have the mods to sell or money to spend, the you can always sell one of the existing frames taking up one of your slots.


Be weary you WILL loose that frame, and you'll need to rebuild it and rank it up again if you ever want to play with it in the future.

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