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Forge Excel Spreadsheet


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So I decided to make a spreadsheet with for the forge, it basically tells you what you still need to farm for the things you want to have. it will be a Google doc that you can download (excel). 

atm the link is:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1669MvrxIqEWzQkftTE43BGcF858JXEelY6byctNbtIE/edit#gid=578400964


and I hope someone could come in and help me out a bit with copying everything from the wiki to the spreadsheet.

If interested message me, or ask access through the doc.

Thanks for helping the community and being so awesome already in advance!



How will it work? well you just say yes or no if you want it in the tabs, you fill in the amount you have in your forge and it will tell you what you need to farm to get everything. this will help you to get closer to your goal (whatever it is).



As of now every name of every item is in, if anyone can look if I didn't forget anything? (especially the other tab please)

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