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Suggestions For Extermination


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Imagine this:


You are stationed on a spaceship or a spacestation with the task of running security. Some freaky space ninja drops in and starts slaughtering all your friends. What do you do?


a) Business as usual?

b) You start increasing your threat levels?


Currently there are only three levels of alert: Off - You Have Been Seen - Doors locked


When alarms are off I would expect small patrols, very much at easy. A lot of Grineer or Corpus Crewmen would be hanging out, drinking coffee, playing cards, watching TV. Robots might be recharging


When the alarm goes off, they should be alert. The crew would grab their weapons and head for their assigned areas to support the teams already there.


There should also be a "Holy F***, it's a Tenno!" alert, which should bring down several strike forces to strategic points, as well as two or three squads actively looking for the intruder.


Now if your men and women do not report back in - what would you do? Hope everything is alright, or scramble the troops to take down the intruder?


Depending on your play style, the targets of Extermination missions should be more or less worried, and should react to it.


I would expect that after the first couple of squads failed to report back, that security central would call in all units, barricade themselves in a secure office, and try to sweep the facility. The moment an intruder is spotted, EVERY unit NOT involved in lockdown would come running to take down the evil Tenno.


Also, if a lone Powerfist should encounter four Tenno with powerful weaponry, he should turn around, run away, screaming, and try to call for help.


And security central should become suspicious after the third or fourth "false alert", especially when everybody fails to report.


In fact, I would suggest that once an alarm has been raised twice, protocol demands each patrol to call in every five minutes. If you cannot call in, because you are dead, the alarm goes off automatically and troops will sweep the facility.




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This has been discussed before in many threads; the AI would need a severe overhaul if such changes as reactive awareness were to be introduced.


Honestly, scripted narrative and security levels are what I would say for improvement, however I would prefer Stealth 2.0 before AI 2.0

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