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Dna Degradation Cure


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Like most people, I don't like the idea of having to buy stabilizers to keep my kubrow from dying. Well, 75k credits is still manageable, but it feels like my kubrow is terminally ill, something that's just kept alive by injections.

I don't know if anyone else thought about this, my idea is something like this:


After having used enough stabilizers (let's say 20) lotus will popup with a message saying she has found a grineer lab where they discovered a cure for genetic degradation. You go there, raid the lab, get the cure for your kubrow. Conveniently Tyl Regor is already doing something like that, so the assassination would be perfect.


Another idea may be that your kubrow gets better over time and loses health at a lower pace, eventually becoming fully healthy.



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Reverse Genetic Stability and Loyalty!


20 stablizers is a bit much...why not just have that be an option straight away?  Maybe some people want to use stabilizers (for whatever reason; they're obviously just an arbitrary credit sink with no real reward) but if the player was given an ability to prevent degradation, I'd jump on that in a heartbeat...probably because it would allow me to use my Kubrow at all without being furious that I have to pay for something I already bought...


Alternately, maybe in the next update we have to feed our Archwings 20k Nano Spores every day or they fly off into space on their own.  Just a thought.

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20 was a random number, it may also be after reaching rank 30. I just like the idea of having to work a little for it.


The archwing thing is hilarious, let's just hope it won't be oxium! 

Or let it be oxium, but make it easily farmable on archwing missions.

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