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It's About Time, The Ledge, Make It Faster, Out Of The Way [Replies Needed]


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So I collected some ideas while playing this game, which could change the gameplay experience. I don't know whether some or all of them have been suggested already but I will do it anyways.


My first idea is a change of the extraction. Everyone knows this, you had a hard day slaying all those grineer, who wanted to destroy the terminal the Lotus was hacking. You just want to get back to Ordis as fast as possible (only to leave him as fast as possible again), you reached the extraction point but you can't leave. Why? Because one or two of your Tenno comrades are still miles away and seem to play a card game with the grineer. Wouldn't it be awesome to have the option to choose when to extract? Upon reaching the extraction point you just have to go to Ordis and press the [use] key to extract. No timer that has to run out, no annoying teammates preventing you from extraction. You choose when to go.


My second idea is about the improvement of wallrunning (more or less). Everyone did it, running up a wall and jumping over the ledge. The annoying part is to jump over the ledge and receive tons of damage because a horde of Moas was just waiting for you. A way to avoid this could be the opportunity to hold on the ledges without jumping up automatically. If you want to jump over it press [forward] again, but if you don't and keep holding on the ledge you can move to the left and right with the respective keys. Pressing [jump] while hanging there results in a standard backflip like the one you do while running up a wall and jumping off of it. Another feature of this is a new way to stealth kill enemies by tearing them over the ledge. You can kill the enemy while hiding his dead body so no one gets alerted. This idea adds new ways of moving silently and unseen from A to B. Just like a real ninja.


My third idea are a few new mod suggestions. Trying to hit fast moving Infested (or enemies of any other faction) on a long distance with a weapon can be a bit difficult. But it with weapons, which fire projectiles with travelling time, it requires a lot of ammo and time. Since we got exclusive mods for Ignis, Ogris, Penta but also for Kestrel and Glaives why not some new exclusive mods which increase the behaviour of projectiles with travelling time. Having your Boltor Prime loaded with bolts that travel at twice the speed would be awesome, wouldn't it? If that sounds a bit overpowered make it a corrupted mod that adds bullet drop to the bolts (not to much obviously).


Last but not least, this idea is simple: a vote kick function. I sometimes got problems with guys going afk for 5-10 minutes on mobile defense. OK I can live with guys being afk but not when they got the data mass. Another example are people running away from the objective. This example sounds a bit awkward because either way the guy won't play the objective if he stays or gets kicked, but in case of a public game a new player who might play the objective will get in. In a private session (for example Orokin Void) the host can still invite another player who wasn't able to join before because the session was full. (I do realise this is a difficult thing to deal with.)


I'm almost to 99.9% sure the vote kick function will never get implemented but I'll try to make my points clear. These are my ideas to improve Warframe a bit, now I would like to hear your oppinion to them. Until that I'll go and cuddle my Kubrow a bit. :)

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I think you have some points there and I am fully for the ability to hold on to ledges and extract when i want to

Now the travel time mod is not very usefull because you will miss damage and boltor is supposed to be a close-mid range weapon and not a sniper

And for the kick vote i do not think it will be good IF you can kick on open matches. The only thing i would find good with kicking is an AUTO-kick after a set amount of time IF you are in an open match and a vote-kick option if you are in a PRIVATE match with friends.

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I like most of the ideas listed here on the paragraphs, and I especially want the option to hang from ledges and shoot from them.


I am also surprised there has not been many mods that help boost projectile speed or something around that line, but I am pretty sure that will come as a last-resort type of mod-pack. Maybe update 15 will have em, who knows?


But I think the way extraction is how it is right now because it would be a problem for the host to extract and everyone else would disconnect losing their progress on the mission.


Vote to kick option is right now a middle-ground of yes or no. It would be nice to kick the once in a million troll that you come accross but most times Vote to kick is abused towards newer players or someone who just made a little mistake.


I don't know what to think of vote to kick but the rest of your ideas are nice.+1

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These all seem really nice, the part hanging off the ledge is particularly neat, I'd assume that damage done on the ledge would most likely be based off your melee weapon, possibly not insta-killing the tougher mobs at full health but buying you an option for disposing of one member alone. Extraction is a nice idea as well, when it's available new players can't join in, so no one can replace anyone that leaves in that fashion. Being able to leave whenever would provide a nice touch for people who don't want to wait around for the remaining members, so long as it can handle the host doing it without disrupting the other members (thinking of survival for that). The mod one would probably be nice, gotten so used to bows that it'd probably screw up my shots for a bit before readjusting. The vote-kick, I'd be down for, but it has to be done carefully. I've actually got a topic on it if you want to peruse it and poke at it, would love to have the system in with as few potential barriers to newer/undergeared players as possible while dealing with the occasional jerk that comes along.

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Just because of your ledge suggestion, you deserve my +1. Yes! Please Geoff, you showed your interest in it, and we bg for it!


1) A nice suggestion for players in a hurry. I however will stay until the timer goes out in case of someone having problems getting through some napalms...


2) Genius. Ideal for stealth (we could have a special stealth kill where enemies are being thrown/ hanging someone too close to the edge) and it gives more interesting paths (easy way to give players alternate paths)


3) Nice too, my Boltor needs this. (not my Soma though :p )


4) Hmm okay but let's be reaaaally careful with this one! I don't want some trolls to kick me or be thrown out because of discrimination/elitism.

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