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We are a new Alliance which is now willing to take in any clan that is active. We are a Community that wants to have fun and help out others.We hope to reach great heights.


Our Goals

- Taking over nodes that has taxes exceeding more than 50%.
- Maintaining atleast a maximum static tax of 20%.
- In the meantime helping to recruit people for the clans in our Alliance

- Above all, we don't intend to do anything that the majority of the Community doesn't want :D

(We have Alliance rails stocked up, when the right time comes, we shall begin)


Our Requirements


- We only have a few requirements: Must be active, Respect others, Loyal and must follow the Guidlines of chat ethics.

How to Join

- Leave a comment with these information given below:

  • Clan Name.
  • Amount of members in Clan.
  • Name of Warlord.

- PM (-UW-Stallianox, -UW-Skretax, -UW-Easa, -UW-SparkleFart or hasitte007) along with the neccessary information required either through Website or in game.


If you need any further information feel free to post it here :)


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I'm the Warlord in my clan called Starcrisis.  We have 3 people but the other two people are inactive currently.


I have 900 hours, nearly Mastery 15.  I take breaks from the game on occasion as anyone should but I consider myself a veteran/dedicated player.



I love the Alliance name (I want Coexistence as a tattoo funny enough) so I'd be happy to join :)

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