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New Player Looking For Suggestions



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Broberon is pretty damn awesome with recent changes and Trinity can be quite nice (however she is really hard to play for maximum efficiency with nerfs and all)


For more support: Banshee can sort of be really useful, Frost, Loki? (his utility is nice), Volt-ish (he is a mix) and that is as far as it goes for the more interesting frames I think, may have forgotten one or two :S


Ah, Zephyr is a nice mixed bag with her ultimate lifting some weight off the team, Hydroid is super hard to get but can be useful (ehh, somewhat) and Nekros is great for desecrating and terify. More loot and scaring away enemies for reviving, soul punch is nice for disabling single targets (heavies and whatnot)



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Useful is a subjective term.

There are many support roles, and arguably all of them are useful.

Trinity is good as a Healer to keep your team-mates healthy and give them energy/damage reduction buffs. Otherwise known as the classic "support" frame. Oberon also provides healing and some nice crowd control with his ultimate.

Another form of support is crowd control (CC). This is where you help to prevent the enemies from swarming you and your teammates, helping to take the heat off them and give them breathing room. Nyx is an example. For Grineer/Corpus missions, Loki is a very good asset to the team by helping to remove their guns and force them to chase you with magic sticks. Vauban's Vortex is extremely effective in Infested Defence missions, gathering them up all in one place to be easy pickings.

Nekros is a special type of support- he is the only one capable of generating more loot, and he has a bit of crowd control, but offers little outside of that.

Frost is the eternal guardian of Defence pods in Grineer/Corpus missions, with his almighty Snow Globe acting as a barrier to keep bullets out.

Of course, "killing is supporting", in a different way. Any of the more offensively-oriented frames such as Nova fulfill that purpose.

The question is: What form of support do you want to play? Which role do you think you suit?

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I would say booben erm lol vouban I mean... Anyway if you got him in the alert yesterday you are good to go, he's got one of the best cc in the game so if you have him the you're set if not then he's a solid buy as you can only get him through alerts and that can take a while depending on your luck.

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You got a few :


Nyx has good crowd control in that she makes enemies attack each other along with turning a single unit under your control for a time. Her 4th ability let you take incoming fire then return it as a radial explosion which, if you've been gathering for a time, can wipe almost anything around you.


Vauban mostly has utility skills in that Tesla are fire and forget grenade/mines that will shock enemies that passes by, Bastille will suspend enemies in the air and make them unable to do anything and Vortex will draw them all into a pile, damage them and can lock out a doorway without problem.


Frost's snow globe allows you to put down ice shields that stops all incoming fire but allows to fire from within at enemies outside. Avalanche can clear enemies in a pinch while his other skills are so-so but overall, he's not to hard to take in hand.


Nekros is a situational support frame in that his Desecrate will allow rerolls on loot drops (doubling ressources, health, energy and mods drop chances) while his Terrify will cause enemies to flee. His Shadows of the Dead can be useful at times to turn the tides as you summon the last X enemies you've killed, meaning if you've downed a lot of heavy units, you'll basically have shadow clones of these heavy units fighting for you for a time.


Trinity is perhaps the most direct support frame there is. She's essentially a combat medic with skills that instantly restores shields and health to yourself and your allies, allows to mark enemies as pinatas that give health and energy and survive using Link which will redirect most damage to linked enemies.


Rhino can help the team with Roar which will buff everyone's damage output for a time; he's also quite resilient with Iron Skin and somewhat mobile with his Rhino Charge. His stomp clears objective well, making enemies float and slowly descend to the floor, semi-suspended for a time.


Banshee can use her Sound Quake to stall enemies and do damage over time but her go to skill is often Sonar which adds weakpoints on enemies that you and your allies can shoot; even more effective if it adds the weakpoint over an existing one! Silence will turn enemies non-aggressive while Sonic Boom allows you to push back enemies with ease.


Oberon's Hallowed Ground removes negative statuses from allies and makes them immune as long as they stand in the area; Renewal grants a toggleable regeneration for you and your party while Reckoning can be used as a panic button to quickly clear out enemies off of an objective.




But your best bet is to instead look up the wiki and make your way in dropping the parts of the Warframe you want. It won't cost you anything other than time and some effort instead of money (but purchasing the Warframe outright is still an option if you're really willing to put down the money for it; I would just suggest not to buy them all : just get one that way and craft the rest, if you must)

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unfortunately until you've tried at least 3 other frames you'll have no idea about what will potentially work for you, and as far as the most useful goes there's no such thing really. although the game's not perfectly balanced there are MR15+ players out there that still use Excalibur and Loki has it's own fanclub, one of the first frame choices.


as a new player i'd definitely recommend against buying anything until the tutorial is completed. the end boss of the tutorial drops the Rhino frame and parts blueprints, as do the other planet bosses. the game basically steers you to new frames from just playing it. 


the starter frames(you haven't told us who you went with) have a good mix of solo and crowd control skills, so playing them helps you figure out your playstyle. personally i'm MR4 and i have a maxed Excalibur(first frame), maxed Rhino(second free from boss), maxed Valkyr(third free from boss) and a new Nyx(fourth free from boss) i'm leveling and i still haven't nailed down my playstyle yet. 


at least finish the tutorial completely before spending cash, as you'll also find that frame choice isn't the only dilemma lol...

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